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Malcrove is a firm specialized in malware threat defense and helps clients to combat the evolving cyber security threat landscape. With professionals specialized in malware analysis, incident response and capability driven testing, Malcrove delivers solutions to mitigate cyber security threats effectively.

At our Malware Security Operations Center (MSOC) we track, large numbers of malware from our globally-distributed honeypots, honey-clients, spam-nets and various botnet monitoring sensors. Due to the distribution of our honeypots, we are able to automatically collect and process new malicious samples from across the globe.

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Malware Threat Prevention

Malcrove helps organizations to timely detect, validate, and adequately follow-up malware incidents in their network infra. We enable organizations to minimize the number of infected systems, which will minimize the magnitude of the recovery effort and the amount of damage the organization sustains. We approach Malware Threat Prevention from a holistic view, covering People (security awareness programs, Process (enabling the organization to act efficient and effective on malware incidents), and Technology (advanced next-gen security capabilities).

Malware Incident Response

Malware Incident Response is an integrated part of any malware prevention capability. We support organizations in setting up an Incident Response department with related processes and deliver advanced malware analysis and reverse engineering services to detect and respond against today’s most sophisticated adversaries.

Capability Driven Testing

In any given cyber attack, there are a number of activities in the ‘Intrusion Kill Chain’ that an attacker conducts to be successful. With our Capability Driven Testing (CDT) service we focus on addressing the real gaps within security capabilities by allowing an organisation to actively and effectively test their current defence, response and reporting capabilities against the Intrusion Kill Chain. The CDT service is a process-driven approach, with clear business goals and a greater emphasis on follow-up capability, awareness and a seemless integration between various security process chains. The result of a CDT is not only to identify gaps within an organisations’ security posture, but also provides performance analytics to key stakeholders, thereby demonstrating ROI on security processes like SIEM, end point security and incident response competency.

Threat Intelligence

Malcrove works in close collaboration with a global network of Threat Intelligence Analysts, all active at research and analysis centers in The Netherlands and UAE. We deliver malware threat intelligence to our clients to protect against adversaries infiltrating their network.


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